Mariska te Beest

Postdoctoral researcher at Department of Ecology and Environmental Science
Keywords: Climate change, shrub encroachment, albedo, reindeer, climate-vegetation feedbacks

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Arctic research summary

Interactions between climate and vegetation are important for climate change. Changes in vegetation can accelerate or slow down global warming. Using a mainly experimental approach I study the interactive effect of herbivores, fire and climate on plant community composition and plant traits in both sub-arctic tundra and savanna systems, with a specific focus on biophysical climate-vegetation feedbacks and climate-driven shrub encroachment. By identifying similarities and differences across systems I aim to gain a broader understanding of ecological processes and plant community response to climate change.

Arctic publications



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Sitters, Judith
te Beest, Mariska
Cherif, Mehdi; et al.

Interactive Effects Between Reindeer and Habitat Fertility Drive Soil Nutrient Availabilities in Arctic Tundra
Ecosystems (New York. Print), 20(7): 1266-1277



Barrio, Isabel C.
Lindén, Elin
Te Beest, Mariska; et al.

Background invertebrate herbivory on dwarf birch (Betula glandulosa-nana complex) increases with temperature and precipitation across the tundra biome
Polar Biology, 40(11): 2265-2278



te Beest, Mariska
Sitters, Judith
Menard, Cecile B.; et al.

Reindeer grazing increases summer albedo by reducing shrub abundance in Arctic tundra
Environmental Research Letters, 11(12)



Olofsson, Johan
te Beest, Mariska
Ericson, Lars

Complex biotic interactions drive long-term vegetation dynamics in a subarctic ecosystem
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences, 368(1624)



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