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Arcum invites to a lunch seminar on Friday, November 10, 12.00-13.00 at Universitetsklubben, Umeå.

Jenny Ask, researcher at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Umeå University, will hold a talk on "Changing ice-cover regimes in a warmer climate: Effects on northern aquatic ecosystems".

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10, 12.00-13.00 at universitetsklubben

Since we offer a light lunch we kindly ask you to register for the seminar, no later than Tuesday, November 7, by sending an e-mail to gabriella.nordin@umu.se.

Jenny Ask is a researcher at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences at Umeå University. Her research interests are in the fields of aquatic ecology and biogeochemistry, mainly focusing on the lower trophic levels in aquatic food webs, i.e. algae and bacteria, but also their relative contribution to higher trophic levels. More specifically, Ask study how biotic and abiotic factors influence the metabolism (production and respiration), biomass development and species composition of algae and bacteria in various aquatic ecosystems. Within this context, she also investigates the structural difference between benthic and pelagic habitats, and how environmental factors control the distribution of metabolic processes between these habitats.

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Sidansvarig: Gabriella Nordin