Arctic research at Umeå University is strong, extensive and well-established. There are, however, opportunities to develop it further. An important part of that process is multi-disciplinary initiatives which is why Arcum now invites to a workshop at Abisko Natural Science Research Station in mid-September. We approach researchers with no previous experiences from collaboration related to the station. The ambition is to improve the development of new projects and cooperation with CIRC (Climate Impact Research Centre) a Umeå University centre located in Abisko, and to link our efforts to forthcoming research calls.     

The Arcum group will first have a gathering where EU Arctic Programme, Nordic research funding, the collaboration Arctic Five and IASC cross-cutting initiatives are presented and discussed. Following this participation in CIRC Research Symposium 2018 (12-14 September), designed in three thematic sessions, is included.

Arcum cover costs for travel, accommodation and meals.

The number of seats is limited – announce your interest to, before 15 July 2018.

Peter Sköld

Director Arcum

Sidansvarig: Gabriella Nordin