Arctic Research Centre at Umeå University (Arcum)

The Arctic is an area of great interest. Climate change, environment, oil and gas exploitation, security policies, ecological systems, and the social conditions of people are all of great importance. With the recently etstablished Arcum – Arctic Research Centre, Umeå University takes an improved responsibility for meeting the challenges of a sustainable development vision.

Research within the framework of Arcum is of great relevance for the society and is a response to the demand for research-based knowledge. Interaction is accordingly of great importance. The centre offers excellent prospects for internal and multi-disciplinary cooperation. The primary strength of Arcum is the critical mass of affiliated researchers, while new disciplines and young researchers are continuously introduced and integrated in the environment. They contribute new ways of tackling northern and indigenous issues, and shape the human dimension in cultural science, health, environment, climate, legal, and socioeconomic research. Arcum highlights the willingness and capacity of Umeå University to participate in the decisive work for a sustainable development of the Arctic.

Page Editor: Gabriella Nordin

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