Call for funding from Arcum Strategic Resources

According to decision by the Arcum Board affiliated researchers are entitled to apply for funding from the strategic resources. 2018 has two calls, during Spring and Autumn with deadlines 3 May and 29 November respectively.

The activity must be of relevance for Arctic research. Arcum Board has decided on the following priorities:

Category 1 – arrangements (conferences, workshops, symposia, seminars), max SEK 20 000.

Category 2 – travel to strategically important events (Arctic Frontiers, Arctic Circle, ICASS, UArctic Congress, ASSW, Arctic Spirit, ICCH), max SEC 10 000.

Category 3 – applicants actively engaged in Arcum initiatives (Umeå Arctic Seminar, Umeå Arctic Forum, workshops, symposia and seminars)

Category 4 – applicants that lack previous Arcum funding

Category 5 – other applicants for conference participation, invitations, field work (max SEK 10 000)

Category 6 – translation and publications (max SEK 5000)

Arcum strives for an equal gender balance when granting funding.  Successful applications must send in a report when the activity has taken place, and attach publications or other relevant materials.

Arcum should be given best visualization possible within the funded activities; for example being mentioned in pubclications and displayed in workshop advertising.

Mandatory parts of the application are description of the activity and its aims, to include a complete budget where Arcum share is illustrated, to provide a time frame for the activity, and to consider gender aspects.

The application should be written in an especially provided form, and a short report should be sent to Arcum after the activity has taken place.

Deadline May 3 and November 29 2018

Send your application to:

Instructions for Arcum strategic funding

Application form

Sidansvarig: Gabriella Nordin