Welcome to ICASS IX in Umeå!

ICASS IX will take place on Umeå University on the 8 - 12 of june 2017! Save the date! You will find all relevant information regarding the ICASS IX conference on this page.

ICASS IX conveners welcomes you to Umeå in June
ICASS IX conveners welcomes you to Umeå in June!

june 8 - 12, 2017 Umeå University in Umeå, SWEDEN

The International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS) is held every three years and is hosted by the university holding the IASSA Secretariat. 2014 - 2017 The Arctic Research Centre (ARCUM) at Umeå University is holding the IASSA Secretariat and will consequently host ICASS IX at Umeå University Campus.

ICASS IX's theme is People & Place. Research on social sciences and humanities have a great responsibility to address the challenges for sustainable development in the Arctic, with a specific focus on the many different parts of the Arctic and the people that live there. The multiple Arctics have lately been addressed by many policy makers and researchers. The purpose is often to counteract the stereotypic understanding of the Arctic too often represented by icebergs and polar bears. A focus on people and place highlights the many variances across the region in terms of climate, political systems, demography, infrastructure, history, languages, legal systems, land and water resources etc. etc. We welcome sessions and papers on all facets of the North. And, as always, we also welcome sessions and papers on all other subjects of relevance to our members.

We encourage participation of Indigenous peoples, northern residents, decision-makers and politicians, as well as academics, so that ICASS IX provides a rich environment in which to advance discussions on sustainabilities in the North and on other Northern matters.

For more information on IASSA and ICASS IX - please visit the IASSA website

Sidansvarig: Gabriella Nordin